MAY 2016 RECAP // Life and Books

Well, look at these blocks of text. *sighs*

It is the end of the month. And my first wrap-up for said month! I thought I’d use these posts to give any life updates throughout the month along with a summary of my bookish escapades. Until school starts back up again, though, my life isn’t all that exciting…it’s been made of books, mostly…

It’s barely been a month since I started this blog. So far, I’m enjoying this! It’s been helping me in some unseen ways from my readers’ position. For some reason, ever since I took my study abroad trip to Japan last year, some barrier or something crumbled and I slipped into a slump that I can’t figure out how to get out of. I’m pretty sure it’s an accumulation of a bunch of things that happened in Japan as well as me figuring myself and my life out.

However, deciding to start book blogging and trying to reach out to like-minded people has caused some unseen force to start slowly pushing me out of it. I just feel more motivation building, getting me out of the house more and such. So we’ll see what happens! Continue reading MAY 2016 RECAP // Life and Books


Miranda Sings Award

Whaaaat? I’m still brand spankin’ new and I got nominated for an award??

Thank you to Fernanda @ Mystery Date with a Book! What a surprise! (1)

I’m somewhat familiar with Miranda Sings – I know of her and have seen a few of her videos from my sister. I thought she was hilarious, though! And I know that her Miranda Sings persona has a personality that loves herself, so I think it’s a good message delivered in a funny way. Continue reading Miranda Sings Award

The Captive Prince Trilogy // Mind Games + Warriors + Beautiful Romance = YES

Author: C. S. Pacat

Publisher: Berkley

Genres: gay fiction // historical fiction

Captive Prince synopsis for your curious mind. The next books are Prince’s Gambit and Kings Rising.

*contains sexual content and slavery (but still kept classy)*


This series. It is now one of my favorite m/m series I’ve read. Laurent & Damen are one of my absolute favorite couples. Seriously. This was Pacat’s first series and she did a stunning job. I read this pretty damn fast. I started it somewhere in April and finished it all within a week. And once again, this review might seem kind of vague, but I was trying to point out my thoughts for the whole series, not just a single book. Forgive me if it feels this way. Anyway!

I highly recommend it for m/m fans that like:

The Others Series (#1-4 ONGOING) // Supernatural in Epic Proportions & Cute Romance

*Review for books 1-4, ongoing thoughts about the series so far. More books to be published*

Author: Anne Bishop

Publisher: Roc

Genres: older young adult(?) –> adult fiction // paranormal > shifters, vampires, elementals // slow-burn romance

A Written in Red synopsis for your curious minds. The next books are Murder of Crows, Vision in Silver, and Marked in Flesh.


This series is wonderful. I couldn’t recommend this enough for people who enjoy these types of books.

This series is basically about war. Not a spoiler! It’s the entire theme. It’s like an escalation. It gets heavier as the books progress. It is a slower progression to allow for the development of the characters, for you to really get to know them. Which I found important because as you grow to care for characters, laugh at the humor peppered about, fear for those loved characters, and hate others, you realize it’s because you could learn about them that you can experience that rollercoaster. Continue reading The Others Series (#1-4 ONGOING) // Supernatural in Epic Proportions & Cute Romance

MINI Reviews #1 // Some LGBT+ YA Novels

Hey there!

I hope you’re having a wonderful year so far (filled with books). I missed out on reading in January and half of February due to being overseas and no access to English YA novels (had some gay novels). That was tough. Once I returned I started looking at all I missed out on, series that I can finally complete, etc. I think I devoured more books in these past 3 months than I ever have in a 3 month span!

So, considering that sometimes I do read more than I can review and/or sometimes I read something that I just don’t have a ton to say about, I thought I could do MINI reviews sometimes. Helps to consolidate things. This MINI review contains 4 books (I think that’ll be the max for every MINI): Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, Hero by Perry Moore, The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black, and Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. Each image leads to Goodreads details.

Continue reading MINI Reviews #1 // Some LGBT+ YA Novels

Six of Crows // A Deadly Heist in the World Of Grisha

six of crows by leigh bardugoAuthor: Leigh Bardugo

Published: Sept. 29th, 2015 by Henry Holt and Company

Genre: young adult // fantasy > magic

I saw the hype for this book everywhere, even before I got back from Japan. I looked up the synopsis and was really wary about having SIX main characters… I don’t usually get along well with books like that because it’s hard to do it right sometimes (with the possibility it’ll just get confusing as hell). So I recently picked it up and finished it just yesterday; I actually really enjoyed it! I liked that the characters were all distinctive and the heist was fun.

But first, let me share the synopsis with you: Continue reading Six of Crows // A Deadly Heist in the World Of Grisha

Penryn & The End of Days // Review of this Brutal World of Angels and Death

(This is a review I tried doing a while back on a previous blog that is now non-existent. I’m working on getting better!)

Author: Susan Ee

Publisher: Skyscape

Genre: young adult // supernatural > angels // dystopia

Angelfall synopsis for your curious minds. The next book’s are World After and End of Days.

I picked this up one day from my library because it sounded different from previous angel stories I’ve experienced, so I gave it a shot. I actually quite enjoyed it. Though, I can be a bit biased because I love unexpected brutality. If you read it, you’ll see what I mean. I like when authors throw readers for a loop and don’t hold back. So here are my thoughts on this series: Continue reading Penryn & The End of Days // Review of this Brutal World of Angels and Death

The Half Bad Trilogy // A Gritty World & Unique Magic

Author: Sally Green

Publisher: Viking Books

Genres: young adult // LGBT+ // urban fantasy > magic, witches

Half Bad synopsis and other information. Also includes synopses for Half Wild and Half Lost.

About 3 months ago, I returned from a year in Japan (woo!) for study abroad. And I came back seeing all of the novels I’ve missed out on, that I was behind on, and I just couldn’t wait to start devouring again! And in my quest to see if there were many male/male YA novels, I came across Half Bad. I saw that the final book was on its way the next month, so I began reading…

And it was quite a ride. Continue reading The Half Bad Trilogy // A Gritty World & Unique Magic

Welcome to both of us!

Welcome to my realm of books  and peculiarities.

Here is a place where we embrace our nerdities and oddities.

Everyone has their own qualities that others might consider odd or abnormal that is a part of them and should never be demeaned. I even have a list of my own ongoing peculiarities, which also contains a few of my bookish-related ones. Feel free to share your own! But I believe peculiarity is a charming quality that is too often hidden away. Even the smallest qualities help to create the whole. I guess I bring this up because one of my favorite book genres could be considered a peculiarity by many…I’ll get to that a little farther down. Continue reading Welcome to both of us!