Writing // It doesn’t quite have a name yet…

I made this relatively recently, when I decided I wanted to try writing. I’m not extremely creative (yet?). The little writing I have done so far has been from the eyes of characters created in my head. But I thought I would share something I was a little more proud of. I always love constructive criticism and discussions, so feel free to give any advice if you see something I could alter! For instance, I don’t know if my beginning is too abrupt? If maybe I should have a line or 2 before it…


I am no garden to be trimmed and molded.

I am a forest to be wild and free.

I am not made of docile flower beds.

I am made of wildly growing vines.

I am not made of binding walls.

I am made of trees, stretching branches however far.

If you want to discover the facets of this forest,

If you want to cherish the life of this forest.

Then my sunlit paths will welcome and protect you.

If you want to destroy the heart of this forest,

If you want to tame the growth of this forest,

Then my dark brambles will tangle and tear you down.


Creating this, I just want it to be remembered that everyone is their own strong individual selves. No one can change them unless they let them. No one can be controlled unless they allow it. No one can be tamed unless they want someone taming them. And they will always be strong for it, in their own ways, deep in their forests.

A short post that I just wanted to share. Ta-ta for now!


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