MINI Reviews #2 // M/M Novels

Hey, another MINI review session!

This time, it’s for M/M novels, M/M romance more specifically. A couple of these, I read earlier this year, so because of my horrendous memory due to an influx of words from so many freaking books, I am giving them MINI reviews! The other 2 are just light reads, so I included them (and I will admit my memory can be short sometimes, too…). They aren’t in any certain order, not by rating, alphabet, nothin’. Sorry! I just wanted to share these, so I’m throwing them together and at you with this! This session includes Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander, Tournament of Losers by Megan Derr, Brute by Kim Fielding, and The Gravedigger’s Brawl by Abigail Roux. Welp, let’s get started!

*these books contain sexual content*

  • Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander

Genres: m/m romance // contemporary // mystery > crime

shattered glass
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This book was so funny! Humor right in the first chapter when Austin is fighting to stay straight while he is, at that moment, hugely attracted to a boy in bunny slippers. I loved Austin’s infatuation with the bunny slippers, a perfect nickname for the sassy Peter. This was an entertaining light read I partook of recently. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between all the characters, especially Austin and Bunny Slippers, and I thought Peter’s brother was adorable. (There’s actually a separate book about his own romance. *waggles eyebrows*)

And I say it was a light read because, though it is 360 pages, there wasn’t too much going on. The romance took up most of the book with the crime aspect of it kind of shoved back. It was a crazy mess of drugs, prostitutes, and money! I think it was hard to follow sometimes? I’m not sure because I read it earlier this year before deciding to start a blog, so I admit that I forget some stuff.

So the characters were pretty likable. We have the bunny slippers fetishist, Austin. We have Bunny Slippers himself, former prostitute, Peter. Peters brothers, one being quite flamboyant and scrawny (but apparently knows martial arts), the other being a legitimate genius (that’s the one with his own romance told). Austin, Peter, and karate kid had some hilarious banter and the genius was just adorkable. But I think this book is more memorable for the character interactions. The backseat crime scene didn’t do much for me.

“I’m not gay.” That wasn’t what I meant to say.
“Congratulations. Would you like a medal?” Bunny Slippers asked.
“I already have a medal. For bravery, not for being gay. I think you made me gay.”
“I made you gay?” He set down the napkin he was holding. “Is that better or worse than the person who made you stupid?”

my rating of 3.5/5





  • Tournament of Losers by Megan Derr

Genres: m/m romance // some fantasy // adventure

tournament of losers
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The tournament of losers, hah! When I saw the title, I had to know what this could entail. Another light, very entertaining read. It’s not actually called the Tournament of Losers, just a nickname, but it IS for the poor people to compete to marry into the upper-class as a means to make sure the richies remember humility… I love it. This book really isn’t supposed to be taken that seriously, so it’s a fun idea! And the romance is actually pretty cute :3 You don’t think the person of interest would actually be the person if interest at first, ohoho. At least, I didn’t…

Rath is such a lovable guy. He’s super kind, helping everybody out, even strangers. He runs into so much trouble, poor thing. I just wanted to hug him! Sweet encounters with love. A bit dense, too. *shrugs* And I had to laugh at the tournament contests, heh. Like I said, this wasn’t meant to be a serious, serious plot. (So my rating also takes this into consideration.) Also a very fast read. It was relatively short, so there wasn’t too much development for many other characters, but overall some great secondary players. Just try it out when you have some time to spare!

my rating of 4/5





  • Brute by Kim Fielding

Genres: m/m novel // historical fantasy > magic

brute cover
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This is not a story with an intense plot involving action and travels. No, this is a book about finding love unexpectedly, when you never believed you could. And in a place unexpected.

This was an adorable read. It seems to be a nice cozy read, a cute romance to enjoy when you have some downtime.

It’s a simple story and a short one, in an historical setting, but so enjoyable, nonetheless. Fielding is a skilled writer. I also really appreciated that the MCs had their own shortcomings, something not prevalent in many books. They aren’t perfect, so you love them more for it. Brute gets his nickname because he is a very large man, strong, and not handsome. Gray is a prisoner with a severe stutter and no sight. They meet after Brute receives the position of guarding his cell. And from there they get to know each other.

Their interactions and discussions are very sweet and kind. Brute may look the way he does, but he has a heart to fit his large frame. He doesn’t immediately treat someone horribly, even if they are imprisoned, unless he finds a reason with his own eyes. He’s not immediately trusting, of course. After they grow to know each other more, they grow to love each other and Brute wants to help Gray. Help him out, help him find a fix for his predicament, help him live happily. It’s well written and you learn about the characters as they learn about each other.

my rating of 4/5





  • The Gravedigger’s Brawl by Abigail Roux

Genres: m/m romance // paranormal > ghosts // contemporary

the gravedigger's brawl
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Another light read, but I was less a fan of this one… Rather slow and the romance maybe took off too fast? I couldn’t connect well with the characters. The ghost mystery was played out in too small of a spotlight, so it didn’t help the story much. Another backseat plot line. Though, Ash sounds sexy as hell.

It’s only 250 pages, but there still wasn’t enough ghostly mystery for my tastes. It focused more on Ash and Wyatt, but even that contemporary aspect was insta-love and not deep enough. I can’t say I hated the book, I don’t feel like I really wasted any time with it, but I didn’t love it, either.

Ash is super fun. I find Wyatt to also be an adorkable character. Wyatt’s friend, Noah, was fun and I loved his own romantic relationship 😉 But this was also an early-year read, so I can’t remember too many details now aside from this overall thought.

my rating of 2.5/5





Thanks for reading, worms! Ta-ta for now!

Did you read these books? What did you think of them? Comment below! (Careful of spoilers, though)

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3 thoughts on “MINI Reviews #2 // M/M Novels”

  1. Ok why wasn’t I following your blog back when you posted this? Three of these are on my TBR lol. Actually I ended up here because I’m trying to decide what Megan Derr book I want to try next since I loved Wriggle & Sparkle, and I’m considering Tournament of Losers since I had almost requested that one on Netgalley when it came out. I’m disappointed though because it seems she only writes short stories, standalones, and series with different MCs in each book, and I prefer series with the same MCs 😦 Anyway, I’m torn between Tournament, The High King’s Golden Tongue (though that’s probably half because of the cover lol), and Dance with the Devil. And I’m so bad at making decisions. Ok here’s the plan, you read them all for me, plus W & S, and then you tell me which one I’ll like best 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! I was still an even smaller blog, so I’m not surprised! Glad you found it, though 😉
      OMG, W & S sounds so fun xD I’ll definitely have to give it a shot!
      It’s really unfortunate that she writes short stuff and different MCs 😦 I noticed that, too. I have yet to read many of her books.

      BUT! The High King’s Golden Tongue is on my TBR! And I’ll have to check out Dance with the Devil.
      I’m totally down with that plan! Let me get my hands on the books and I’ll get right to it :3


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