The Get to Know Me Tag!

Hello, worms (of books)!

I saw this tag on a blog I follow – Fridays and Books – and with the invitation for anyone to do it, I decided to share my own answers! I like getting to know bloggers a little better, so I like to share a little about myself, too. Perfect opportunity, eh?


Name: I’m going to stick with my alias, still… Otherwise an alias would be pointless… So just call me Aralyn!

Nicknames: My real name isn’t worthy enough for a nickname. It’s too basic. But I never minded!

Birthday: January 7th!

Star Sign: Capricorn. I am a goat/fish creature!

Occupation: College student – one more year! And then I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life…



Hair Color: It can be classified as dirty blond. Just a light brown, really.

Hair Length: SHORT. And I love it. Next time I get it cut, we’ll probably have to get the buzzers out.

Eye Color: A mixture of gray, blue, and green, but really light. Sometimes one color is more prominent than the others.

Best Feature: I do like my eyes.

Braces? Nope! Never had them and don’t need them.

Piercings? Yes! I love piercings. I have my lobes, right side of my nose, and an industrial. I WANT MORE. I want doubles on my lobes and I really like septum piercings and bellybutton piercings.

Tattoos? No, but I plan to eventually when I really know what I want.

Right or left handed? Right! I can’t do shit with my left. Seriously.



Best Friend: A girl in 3rd grade from Yemen! My teacher told me I should go play with her because she was alone. And we hit it off! Unfortunately, at the end of the year she had to go back to Yemen. And I have never seen her since 😦

Award: I won my 4th grade spelling bee…?

Sport: Bleh. I’m cool with badminton, though.

Real holiday (we call it a vacation in the states): My biggest vacation was when I was about 10 years old and we went to Disney World! It was with my two aunts, my twin sister, and two of our cousins. We rented a big house and everything; we went to all the sections except for Sea World and the Safari place. We also went to MGM, Universal Studios, and Disney Quest. All in a week!

 Concert: Never been. Plus I have ear problems and paranoia about going deaf… So I don’t plan to anytime soon. Maybe if I had earplugs…



Film: It’s really hard to choose… I don’t really have a favorite, but my two favorite Studio Ghibli movies are Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. I tend to prefer action movies or horror films. I love Avatar and I follow along with the Marvel movies.

TV Show: Another thing I don’t really have a favorite for… I am currently catching up on Game of Thrones. I’m waiting for the new season of Sherlock. I am in the middle of season 5 for Supernatural, but I’ve been there for a while… I need to watch Doctor Who.

Color: Blue & green! Varying shades of them, but sometimes I find some shades that I do not like.

Song: I don’t have a single favorite, but it kind of changes every few months. Currently, I really like Ghost of a King by the Gray Havens. So magical.

Restaurant: I don’t really eat out enough for this…

Shop: Uh, Barnes & Noble! I don’t shop too much for clothes, which is probably why my wardrobe is so tiny. I need to work on that.

Book: DON’T ASK ME THIS BLASPHEMOUS QUESTION. Really, I don’t have a favorite. Some books have special places in my heart. Like the Warriors series that I read in middle school. The Mortal Instruments trilogy, the Darkest Powers trilogy, Fullmoon wo Sagashite (manga – was my first ever manga), among some others. Did y’all read Junie B. Jones when you were kids?? Loved those.

Shoes: Not much of a shoe shopper. I have 3 pairs.



 Feeling: EXTREMELY restless. Can’t wait for school to start up again. (Or wary… One of my capstone courses is this fall…)

Marriage: Nope and probably won’t happen. The current me identifies as aromantic and on the spectrum of asexuality. *shrugs*

Career: No career and I have no idea what my interests are enough to find a career… I’m stumped right now!

Where you want to live: Everywhere. Specifically places with nearby forests and ruins and places of magic.



God? No. I have more pagan beliefs, like the energy in everything – sometimes that energy is portrayed as a God and Goddess to help direct it or imagine it.

Miracles? In a way.

Love at first sight? No. I believe in attraction at first sight.

Ghosts? Yep, I lived with 3 when I was a kid. The man would read my sister and I stories at night. They weren’t malevolent.

Aliens? Of course! If one planet can produce life, others can, I’m sure.

Soul mates? No, but some people get along much better than others. Some relationships are just stronger.

Heaven/hell? Nope. I think I believe in reincarnation, though.

Kiss on the first date? No, but maybe I’m biased because kissing is a scary concept to me. But, honestly, it really does seem like too intimate of an event for a first date… Unless maybe you were already hanging out a lot before the first date…?

Yourself? Most of the time.


There you have it! May not be especially interesting information, but I haven’t shared much at all about me anywhere else on this blog. And just as Jordan @ Fridays and Books said, anyone is welcome to do this tag, too! I don’t feel right tagging certain people nor am I deep enough in the book blogosphere to have too many people to tag. So have at it, worms (of books)!

Thanks for reading. Ta-ta for now!


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