July 2016 RECAP // Books and Not Really any Life Updates…

Hey, another month finished! *confetti*

I’ve been having headaches and possibly sinus issues(?) that make it difficult to read. This has actually been going on for several months, but I’ve been pushing through for books! Don’t worry, I’m meeting my doctor.

But anyway, I made it through 9 (almost 10) books this July! *more confetti* Seems to be the same for every month… May and June had 9 books listed, too! (Excluding short, short ones I read.) And that also means 61/80 books for the Goodreads challenge!

There’s not much in the way of life – just enjoying my last month before school starts and I have to worry about packing up and moving. Still trying to find a car, too. I’m so nervous about this semester, though, because I’m doing a CAPSTONE. If you don’t know what that it, it’s death pretending to be a class. I’ve heard it’s 3x harder and 3x more work than normal. And I’m not ready. Then, I also had my big family reunion this weekend!


i have failed you
I’m not even a Star Wars fan.

I…have been neglectful. More like unprepared. Due to living in my parent’s house until school starts and not wanting them to really know I take pictures of books (they’ll ask too many questions) AND having no props – I suck. I have infrequent posts. Sorry to those who might follow me. When I move and get better props, I’ll have more photos up!



I feel like I do too many reviews…? I’ve been reading a lot. I also don’t want to post some of my ideas just yet until I “find myself” in writing and whatnot. So should I add something? Like, library hauls? I don’t buy very often, so… I’m trying to think.

Here are the non-review posts from July:

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Once again, I’ll have what I loved, any disappointments, and everything in between in that order.

What I loved:


So much more magic in this one due to crazy events! Faster-paced and awesome developments – I especially loved the cavern adventure near the end. I also really hope Pynch becomes a thing in the last book! I started TRK earlier this week, so wish my heart luck! I recently did a review this month.

morning star

AGH, this was so intense and fantastic with great character development and twists and I actually had a couple small leaks from my eyes… A fantastic end to this trilogy. A review is definitely coming soon! I’m planning for the first week of August.

simon vs thsa

AAAAAH, THIS WAS ADORABLE. Serioiusly. Albertalli did a wonderful job of capturing cute and awkward in a contemporary. I loved Simon! My second audiobook and the narrator was fantastic. Just a few days ago, I released my review for it!



the raven king

DON’T THINK I DIDN’T LIKE IT. “Disappointment” also means NOT LIKING AS MUCH AS YOU WERE HOPING/EXPECTING. Such is the case with this – it’s also in the section below because I still really liked it! Just laying it here, too, because I’m being honest.

the replacement

I ended up DNF-ing this one… I remember trying to read it a couple years ago, too. But I can’t connect with it and it’s quite slow. So I’m just gonna throw it with the other books I need to sell!


Everything in between!:

a monster calls

This is a middle grade book that tackles something deep. I loved that it looked at a very human feeling that may also be considered a wrong feeling to have… I didn’t make a thorough review on here, but I created a brief one on my Goodreads account.

an ember in the ashes

I had a few quibbles, but nothing bad. Very interesting premise and characters, though hoping better chemistry will crop up in the next one. Can’t wait for its release! I made a review for it this month – my first audiobook!

dance with me

(M/MMakes me want to learn ballroom dancing. Good thing I’m taking a class this coming semester! Had some quibbles, but was still good and sensual at times. No review for this one, but I may add it to a MINI review. But for now, there is a small one on my Goodreads account.

nor iron bars a cage

(M/MThis is actually a free read! And a good one! I’m really liking Kaje Harpers writing, considering there’s another book here also by her. Unique characters. And this one has magic – pretty intense magic, at that.

the raven king

LIKE I SAID ABOVE: STILL REALLY LIKED. SO I put it down here, too. The magic got scary in this one, folks! It was crazy. I plan to release a review in early August.

tracefinder: contact

 (M/MHey, the next book by Kaje Harper! This is more gay fiction rather than m/m romance. Unique characters and a well-written plot dealing with an undercover cop and a drug bust. With a small psychic flair. I recently made a review, too!

REMEMBER:: the disappointments don’t mean they were all bad, maybe you’ll like them more than me! Also, “disappointments” doesn’t always mean I disliked it – it could mean I liked it, just not as much as I was expecting.

I’m currently reading Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas and Crescendo (Song of the Fallen #2) by Rachel Haimowitz.

AUGUST TBR: start the Unwind saga by Neil Shusterman along with The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

And that’s it for July! Ta-ta for now, worms!

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them? (Careful of spoilers, though)

If you want to know more about what I thought of a book (that isn’t linked to a review), go ahead and ask!


11 thoughts on “July 2016 RECAP // Books and Not Really any Life Updates…”

  1. Sorry about the headaches and sinus issues 😦 I know how you feel. I also totally know how you feel about Instagram because I also just don’t have props and have completely failed at that lol. I haven’t posted a picture to Instagram in forever.

    I saw your review for Dance with Me on GR. I bought that ebook when it went on sale last year but still haven’t read it. I swear every review talks about the hot tub scene though, and I am so damn curious to know what the heck happens in that scene, haha. And I think we talked about Nor Iron Bars a Cage since I have that one too. I also want to try the Raven Cycle books now that all of them are out. I’m just waiting for my library to get the fourth ebook, and to get through some of my review copies!

    Anyway, have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks – it’s quite aggravating, getting in the way of reading *huffs*
      OMG, yes. I don’t know how soon I can get another picture posted… I need to get one for TRK before I have to return it, so I guess that. But I want more (>_<) It also is because my books are in boxes, so…yeah.
      Ah, yes, that hot tub scene… I feel it works for that niche, but not everyone. I can't wait to see what you have to say about it and the book overall! And yes, NIBaC was very good 🙂
      I hope you can get them soon! I'd like to see what you think. I decided to wait for the whole series right after reading TDT 'cause I didn't want to be impatient.
      Thanks! You, too!


  2. I’m really hyped up for The Raven King, too, and I’m afraid I might be a tad bit disappointed if it doesn’t live up to my expectations. An Ember in the Ashes is on my August TBR, and I hope it’ll be as exciting as my friends say it is! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, that’s why I try not to setup expectations, but it happens. Maybe you won’t be, who knows!
      AEitA is very exciting! I liked the concept – I hope you enjoy it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am just so behind on The Raven Cycle! I have still only read the first book but I keep seeing reviews for The Raven King and thinking I need to hurry up and finish it. I have seen a few people say they liked it but were in some ways a little disappointed, and I really want to know why! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I had to admit that I was also disappointed x| I plan to make a separate post discussing spoiler-ific topics within the book for those who’ve read it AFTER I write my non-spoiler-ific post.


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