August 2016 RECAP // SCHOOL STARTED and free reading time decreases…

Time is just flyin’! August is already finished, too!

Since school started, I lost time to read freely what I want…lots of school reading…

BUT I ALSO HIT A SLUMP. A small one and I’m hoping to get out of it soon. I had planned some books for August, but nope. Seemed to have only affected young adult books… Like, I still read a few m/m novels, but I was still picky even with those. I think it’s partially because I had so much time to read over the summer.

sad jon snow

I still read 9 books again, though! (6 being M/M)

Maybe it seems like less because I made less reviews this month, too… Lots of relaxing reads. Who knows if a couple of these will turn into full reviews *shrugs*

And I’m still determined to complete my reading challenge!

But yeah, let’s recap this last summer month. Continue reading August 2016 RECAP // SCHOOL STARTED and free reading time decreases…


BOOK (BLOG) BREAK // Books I have to read this semester……

Because of my reading slump and school, I don’t have any blog posts lined up. I plan to fix this within the week.

But I wanted something between my last review and my August recap. And I thought…well, I have to read books for school… How about I share those with you?? And maybe some thoughts about them. A lot of them might be interesting, but the struggle of reading impersonal, academic material is real…


tired of school gif Continue reading BOOK (BLOG) BREAK // Books I have to read this semester……

Complementary Colors // A Colorful Rendition of a Wounded Mind

complementary colors coverAuthor: Adrienne Wilder

Published: June 20th 2014 by Adrienne Wilder

Pages: 320

Genres: m/m romance // contemporary // mental health



This is gonna be a bit shorter of a review because I tend to not have as much to critique as all my fantasy/supernatural/paranormal/etc. books…*ahem* But this was a pretty average read for me. I’ll get to more details, but I had a phase of finding m/m books with good mental health representations. I’m still getting through them around other books, hah. But I was curious what they’d do. I enjoyed this for some reasons and was meh for others.


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TTT // Unread TBR Books Since Before Blogging

:: OK, this is gonna be shorter than normal TTT posts for me. School just started, so I didn’t have time to finish any other posts I had planned, so this is a quick one. But I still wanted to participate a little… ::

TOP TEN TUESDAY is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish! Today’s theme is in the title: do I have books still unread since before blogging??

I’m sure 90% of the bookworm bloggers do…

But I kind of cheated on this one! I also have a terrible memory and I only just made a Goodreads account several months ago, so I only just started keeping track of my TBR and whatnot.


I definitely bought these just before blogging, though, and still haven’t read them:

clockwork angel coverclockwork prince coverclockwork princess cover Continue reading TTT // Unread TBR Books Since Before Blogging

The Reader Confession Tag!

I was tagged by Anna @ My Bookish Dream (check her out, yo) to do this fun one! But a quick note:


I checked, and the box to get pingbacks IS CHECKED. However, pingbacks for some of my pages unchecked themselves… This is the second tag I’ve come across that didn’t alert me. NO WONDER I’VE BEEN MISSING THE FUN OF TAGS. *cries*

brave give up

Seriously, though, I don’t know what happened. I think I fixed it. So if you have tagged me in anything for the past 2 months or so, I didn’t know and I’m sorry! *sighs sadly*


Back to the tag!

The rules are simply that I answer the following questions. So enjoy! Continue reading The Reader Confession Tag!

Wolfsong // A Heart-Grabbing Werewolf Tale (Tail?)

wolfsongAuthor: Tj Klune

Published: June 20th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press

Pages: 400

Genres: gay fiction // m/m romance // paranormal > shifters // fantasy > magic



Oh, my word, Klune knows how to write werewolves. I think it’s hilarious that, according to Klune, he told himself he’d never write a story with werewolves, but as he was writing this story, he looked down and saw what had happened. Hah! And he just went with it!

But this is wonderfully well written shifter story, let me tell you. I have several reasons why, all of which will be shared below. I’ve actually been struggling to find an m/m novel with shifters that I love and I found one!

Recommended if you like:

  • gay werewolves
  • friends-to-lovers (and it’s through several years!)
  • stressing the bonds of family and friendships
  • awkward adorable-ness or vice versa
  • emotions

Continue reading Wolfsong // A Heart-Grabbing Werewolf Tale (Tail?)

TOPIC // What makes you DNF books? (Did Not Finish)

I’ve been curious about this. 

It’s very rarely that I actually DNF a book. Like, I’ve DNF-ed 2 books in the past that were in the middle of a series, but only recently DNF-ed 2 more – one being a standalone, the other a starter to a series. But I know some people really know to a T what they like and DNF way more often. Either way is totally fine!

I wonder, though, what makes you DNF, then?

I think I’ll just list off possible reasons, of course adding when it’s a reason for me, and see what y’all think. I think it’s really hard to get me to DNF a book, so let’s see how many I get, hah. Continue reading TOPIC // What makes you DNF books? (Did Not Finish)

The Raven King (The Raven Cycle #4) // The Finale to a Magical Mystery – I’ll Miss Blue & Her Raven Boys!

the raven kingAuthor: Maggie Stiefvater

Published: April 26th 2016 by Scholastic Press

Pages: 439

Genres: young adult // mystery // supernatural



OK. First, I want to get it off my chest that I liked it, but…I was also disappointed… *hides face* No, no, I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Everyone is different!Black-Sheep resize I will say, however, that if I EVER sound like I am bashing on a book/someone with a differing opinion, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me. Because that is SO far from my intentions. I just like having discussions and sharing thoughts, seeing different opinions and such. So I will explain my disappointments below. BUT THIS IN NO WAY MEANS I DIDN’T LIKE IT AT ALL. Because I still did. I loved how the magic got scary in this one. It was so dark and grotesque. Our group has grown so much throughout this series and we see them at their finest here! Continue reading The Raven King (The Raven Cycle #4) // The Finale to a Magical Mystery – I’ll Miss Blue & Her Raven Boys!

A Quick Note Involving the Near Future

School is coming.

Creeping ever closer to swallow me whole.

First day is August 22nd. *screams internally*

I was gonna do a Top Ten Tuesday today, but gave up. Too many topics and then I realized I can’t even make it to 10 with the one I chose. Boo. So this post was originally going to be at a later date, but now it’ll take the TTT’s place.

It’s just a warning.

The warning is that since school is starting, there may be a decrease in posts. I need to get settled, find my groove, come up with post ideas because I won’t have as much free time to read as this past summer. Part of the reason is due to this being my final college year, which means capstone courses. I’m not sure how time consuming it’ll be. Capstones are, like, 2x more difficult/time-consuming than normal courses, from what I hear. So I’m a bit nervous.

I’ve had a bit of a rough patch, possibly I have a little depression, so I’m way more nervous about starting school again than previous years because I don’t want it to cause any detriment to schooling, itself. So that adds to anxiety that could get in the way of posting.

I will have funner courses around the capstone this semester that I hope will bring me back more from the depression, as well as relieve any stress from the capstone. Next semester’s capstone shouldn’t be as consuming. 

  • A small 1 credit astronomy course to fulfill the last science slot
  • Intro to Spanish online
  • Intro to creative writing (I’d like to write stories)
  • Intro to folklore
  • Ballroom dancing!

So that’s all I wanted to let you know.

Thanks for reading! Ta-ta for now, worms!