A Quick Note Involving the Near Future

School is coming.

Creeping ever closer to swallow me whole.

First day is August 22nd. *screams internally*

I was gonna do a Top Ten Tuesday today, but gave up. Too many topics and then I realized I can’t even make it to 10 with the one I chose. Boo. So this post was originally going to be at a later date, but now it’ll take the TTT’s place.

It’s just a warning.

The warning is that since school is starting, there may be a decrease in posts. I need to get settled, find my groove, come up with post ideas because I won’t have as much free time to read as this past summer. Part of the reason is due to this being my final college year, which means capstone courses. I’m not sure how time consuming it’ll be. Capstones are, like, 2x more difficult/time-consuming than normal courses, from what I hear. So I’m a bit nervous.

I’ve had a bit of a rough patch, possibly I have a little depression, so I’m way more nervous about starting school again than previous years because I don’t want it to cause any detriment to schooling, itself. So that adds to anxiety that could get in the way of posting.

I will have funner courses around the capstone this semester that I hope will bring me back more from the depression, as well as relieve any stress from the capstone. Next semester’s capstone shouldn’t be as consuming. 

  • A small 1 credit astronomy course to fulfill the last science slot
  • Intro to Spanish online
  • Intro to creative writing (I’d like to write stories)
  • Intro to folklore
  • Ballroom dancing!

So that’s all I wanted to let you know.

Thanks for reading! Ta-ta for now, worms!


5 thoughts on “A Quick Note Involving the Near Future”

  1. The first day of school, bleh. That’s one thing I don’t miss lol. But don’t let your blog be something stressful. If you can’t post as often, everyone will understand πŸ™‚ Take care of yourself first and foremost!

    Intro to folklore sounds soooo cool! I would love to take a course like that. You should totally make some posts about the things you learn! I’ve also always wanted to learn ballroom dancing but never managed to find a good class anywhere and so I never learned :-/

    Good luck with all your classes once they start!

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    1. YES, the first days are the worst… It sucks until you can get back into the groove of things.
      Thank you! (ToT) If I don’t take care of myself, I supposed there wouldn’t be a blog! πŸ˜‰

      I will definitely share! Since the summer has been un-eventful, I was down on my luck, and unproductive, I didn’t post much about life, but once school starts – I’ll have so much more to share!

      I can’t really afford to pay for dance lessons, so this is my chance to see if I like it while also having the credit count toward general education ;D


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