BOOK (BLOG) BREAK // Books I have to read this semester……

Because of my reading slump and school, I don’t have any blog posts lined up. I plan to fix this within the week.

But I wanted something between my last review and my August recap. And I thought…well, I have to read books for school… How about I share those with you?? And maybe some thoughts about them. A lot of them might be interesting, but the struggle of reading impersonal, academic material is real…


tired of school gif

Now, this isn’t going to be a normal thing, folks. Don’t worry. I don’t like hearing about boring old textbooks. And this may be a book blog, but I like it to be funner books! Think of it as more of a life update for me. Information about my school semester because you might not even know what I’m attending college for!

I am double majoring in International Studies and Japanese Studies. Unfortunately, I dunno if I really want careers in these degree fields anymore. Life decisions are fucking stressful. This is my final year (better be, anyway) and I’m taking a capstone course for International Studies this semester (they are generally harder courses). That’s where most of my reading comes from. We’ll get the boring ones out of the way first.

My classes:

1. Intro to Creative Writing

2. INTL Capstone

3. Intro to Folklore

4. Ballroom and Social Dancing

5. Small Courses in Astronomy (starts in Oct.)

6. Spanish I (online)

So the not as fun stuff:

I am currently reading Nonviolent Struggle: Theories, Strategies, & Dynamics by Sharon Erickson Nepstad. It’s got some interesting topics. I’m learning about different forms of nonviolent resistance, ideas behind them like religion, nonviolent resistance conduct, etc. It makes comparisons between the religions and discusses specific nonviolent dissent, like Ghandi’s fight for India’s independence. There are even statistics mentioned that show how nonviolent resistance seems to be more effective than violent forms (like terrorism and war). So some nice content, but it’s kinda boring to read…

Forms of dissent in countries is the studying goal for this course.

I have other books dedicated to looking at terrorism, rebellion, ISIS, civil wars, and a book written by 3 kids about their experiences in Sudan. This nonviolent resistance and the civil war stuff interest me the most.


The more fun stuff:

The reading material I’m actually looking forward to is the stuff in folklore! She warned us that if you can’t do raunchy, bloody, or cursing stories, you should drop it… Dunno what kinds of tales I’ll be reading, but I love learning folklore. So far, we’ve only looked at variations of Little Red Riding Hood – got some quite different ones! Like one with an ogre instead of a wolf. Go ahead and click this if you want to read them!

Creative writing just has a textbooks, but inside of it, you’ll find stories and poems. I think I’ll enjoy reading them while learning how to write myself!

Really, that’s about it.

My financial aid problem got fixed, so I can start looking for a car! And then an apartment after that. Probably a job between those…

This was a really boring post…sorry.

Ta-ta for now, worms!


4 thoughts on “BOOK (BLOG) BREAK // Books I have to read this semester……”

    1. Ugh, so stressful. I don’t want to even make them, but it must be done for my future! I’ll figure it out eventually.

      I’m slowly working my way out of my slump!


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