August 2016 RECAP // SCHOOL STARTED and free reading time decreases…

Time is just flyin’! August is already finished, too!

Since school started, I lost time to read freely what I want…lots of school reading…

BUT I ALSO HIT A SLUMP. A small one and I’m hoping to get out of it soon. I had planned some books for August, but nope. Seemed to have only affected young adult books… Like, I still read a few m/m novels, but I was still picky even with those. I think it’s partially because I had so much time to read over the summer.

sad jon snow

I still read 9 books again, though! (6 being M/M)

Maybe it seems like less because I made less reviews this month, too… Lots of relaxing reads. Who knows if a couple of these will turn into full reviews *shrugs*

And I’m still determined to complete my reading challenge!

But yeah, let’s recap this last summer month.


Not much in the way of life. School started August 22nd and I found I have quite a bit of reading this semester thanks to my international studies capstone course. Due to moving and getting back into the school groove, I’ve lost some time for free reading. I also had a problem with some financial aid not disbursing… Finally got it sorted this week, so I have an actual budget for a car! And then I’ll move to finding my own apartment!


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I also made a Quick Note about school starting.

TOPIC // What makes you DNF books? (Did Not Finish)

The Reader Confession Tag!

I only did one Top Ten Tuesday this month… Unread TBR Books Since Before Blogging

BOOK (BLOG) BREAK // Books I have to read this semester……


Once again, I’ll have what I loved, any disappointments, and everything in between in that order.


What I loved:

ICoS - Afterimge


(M/MThe character development was awesome, I wanted to smack lots of people, I wanted to hold and love Sin because he was in so much pain. I didn’t make a review due to it being a relaxing free read, but I love this series. (This is the 2nd in the series.)




(M/MUgh, this was magnificent. This book had hilarity, family, adorable awkwardness and vice versa, friends, bonds, werewolves, heart-ache, angst, yes. Amazing characters and one heck of a climax. I recently made a review, too!




dangerous girls


I liked this, but I’m sure looking back at my other book reviews and such, I need a little more excitement. It was slow and boring at times, but I was still interested in the mystery. I kinda had a hunch of the ending, but I didn’t want to dwell on it. Great reveal! I haven’t posted it anywhere on here, but I made a small GR review.



Everything in between!:

coldest girl


This is definitely a slower pace. I liked the concept. I didn’t feel the chemistry between the romantic characters well… It was more about the journey and then revelations about the vampires’ history. I liked it!


complementary colors cover


(M/MI like finding good books with representation of mental health issues. I liked this one – the use of colors was unique and added imagery. Being inside Paris’ head is disorienting and dark. Roy is a sweetheart. Something the romance was lacking a little… You can see what I mean, somewhat, in my recent review!




(M/MThis was also a relaxing free read, so no review. But this was a fun series with a cool concept for the elves!


forest of ruin

3.5/5 or 4/5 (give me a few days)

This series overall wasn’t a favorite… I was disappointed by the first 2, didn’t set expectations for this one, and will say this was probably the best installment. Great ending, great friendships, and some cool magic.


ICoS - Interludes


(M/MAnother relaxing read because it’s the middle of the series – #3. Still lovin’ the characters. Pretty sure serious shit is gonna hit the fan in the final book…




(M/MI didn’t know I wanted such a cute contemporary book, but I did! This was wonderful. I loved the characters, the setting, the romance moved a smidge fast, but I didn’t even care much. It’s a lovely, relaxing read. I think I’ll write a small review for it soon and get it up on here sometime.


REMEMBER:: the disappointments don’t mean they were all bad, maybe you’ll like them more than me! Also, “disappointments” doesn’t always mean I disliked it – it could mean I liked it, just not as much as I was expecting.

I’m currently reading Fade (In the Company of Shadows #4) by Santino Hassell & Ais and Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.

SEPTEMBER TBR:  really start the Unwind saga by Neil Shusterman along with The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare.

Ta-ta for now, worms!

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them? (Careful of spoilers, though)

If you want to know more about what I thought of a book (that isn’t linked to a review), go ahead and ask!


One thought on “August 2016 RECAP // SCHOOL STARTED and free reading time decreases…”

  1. Ooh, seems like you had quite a few excellent ones there! Sadness for the meh ones. I’ve only read The Coldest Girl and Dangerous Girls out of your list and I confess I loved them both.😂 I never saw the Dangerous Girl plot twist coming, buuuut looking back I MEAN HOW DID I MISS THE SIGNS. Omg. It did blow me away! I’m definitely curious about Wolfsong now. It sounds amazing! 😀


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