DOUBLE REVIEW // #gaymers Series #1 & #2 – Gaming, Road Trips, and Piercings!

I’ve been reading through some of these ebooks too fast! It’s cluttering together or making me forget thoughts as new story lines are pushed into my head…

So before I get too deep into any thing else, I wanted to do this double review! Because I read these 2 books in, like, a week… So I need to get my thoughts out as more and more books start fighting for reviews. Phew!

These 2 books are part of the same series, my first books by Annabeth Albert. This series is called #gaymers – I love that title. So these’ll kinda be small reviews due to my forgetfulness and just not having a ton to say.

Let’s go!

  • Status Update (#gaymers #1)

This was so cute! Like, it’s a slow read, and that’s a turn-off for many reviewers I saw, but I think due to the personality of Noah, the dynamics between them, and the road trip setting, I found it quite cute. Of course, some parts dragged more than others. And there are dogs!

I can also relate to the love of gaming *wink*

But anyway, I also found it to be sensual at times (and I love sensuality in my m/m). With Noah being still very closeted and affected by religion and parents, his opening-up moments with Adrian were great. He’s so nervous and has some anxiety, fidgets and makes strangled noises when he is nervous. I just found him endearing. And this could possibly be some realistic portrayals of how someone in his cornered, worried position may feel.

And Adrian can be adorable and he’s kind. Both men are very kind to each other! I was glad he wasn’t too pushy toward Noah, though. He gave small nudges, but wanted Noah feeling comfortable to discuss anything personal and open up. It wasn’t just about the attraction and wanting him to open up to sex. Adrian wanted to just know more about Noah. He took everything slow, gave Noah room.

So I liked the dynamics between these two. Super cute, super sweet. They were always helping each other out, whether it was handling the chores around the RV (including the dogs) while they worked, making dinner, Noah caring about Adrian’s need for gluten-free foods, shoulder massages. It was just pleasant to me when reading those moments. And the moments of Noah finally coming to terms with certain parts of himself. Go, Noah!

And the families were handled well. I was glad their families were pretty cool about it. And if you’re worried about families being portrayed as too nice and want to see animosity due to their homosexuality, get to book 2. That’s where it’s at.

P.S. Adrian has tattoos and a nipple piercing. *wheezes*

My rating:

my rating of 4/5


  • Beta Test (#gaymers #2)

This books couple is Ravi and Tristan! Ravi was briefly mentioned in the first book, but we never actually go to meet him.

This one actually dragged a little slower for me than the last one… And I didn’t find it as cute as the first, but still cute. I don’t know… Maybe one part of it is that both books were kind of immediate attraction for our MCs, but this one didn’t work as well for me. Maybe the chemistry was off? I think it was supposed to be an enemies-to-lovers case, but it was way too quick. I like to see a gradual attraction and then love if it’s going to be that kind of case.

Ravi and Tristan have such intriguing personalities – they were the best parts of this book. I liked learning more about Tristan, past his awkward and stiff shield. I also liked learning more about Ravi, past his sociable style. Both had hidden aspects! They complemented each other well and understood each other due to some similar familial circumstances. Both were kind to each other, even with their stubborn, argumentative moments. I found Tristan to also be pretty adorkable – with his style, wanting to fit in, his matching suitcase stuff, heh. I loved their contrasting styles.

And those familial issues were handled well, but way too briefly. I think expanding on that could’ve possibly added something to this story. And things aren’t pure happy, but it shows the potential for growth through the animosity. But it was just kinda stuffed in at the end? So there’s that.

‘Everyone fights.’ Maria waved her hand again. ‘The key for you is what are you going to fight for? That’s the whole question, isn’t it? It’s not what you fight over, it’s what you fight for.’

But overall, another cute one.

P.P.S. Ravi has even more piercings, including both his nipples. *wheezes*

My rating:

my rating of 3.5/5

The first 2 of the #gaymers series! Appearances from previous characters is a thing. So not sure if this is just going to be a trilogy due to not having encountered other options for a fourth couple/MC in these 2 (maybe the 3rd), but each book focuses on a new couple.

I have mixed feelings about Josiah, as in I’m pretty neutral because I don’t know what to think of him, yet. Could he be annoying? Could there be more to him? He mentioned meds in #2, so there might be something more to his squirrel-y behavior? But with all the ponderings, it makes me want to read the 3rd book to find out!

P.P.P.S. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a sucker for piercings, hng. I find piercings so attractive in general – I love when characters have some *swoons*

Ta-ta for now, worms (of books)!


Did you read these books? How are the characters and their respective road trips? (Careful of spoilers, though)

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~Reviews also posted on Goodreads: SU and BT~


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