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TTT // Top 10 Recent Song Obsessions (obsess with me!)

This week’s session of Top Ten Tuesday is anything audio! Audiobooks? Sure. Don’t wanna talk about books? Talk music, podcasts, bands, whatever!

TTT is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

As you can see from the title, I am just going to share some of my current favorite songs. I don’t have an all-time favorite song, so it changes as I discover. I have a few favorite bands, but not enough to make 10…

(I’ve actually been trying to find books to connect to with these songs or some other way to share them with all you worms out there (and other viewers), so this was the perfect excuse!)

So let’s jump right in (no favorites here):

1. GHOST OF A KING by The Gray Havens

In my The Raven King review, I actually linked to this song as a little extra tidbit because it just has such a similar, magical feel to the whole series! I love listening to it on walks, too, because I just feel like I can feel more magic around me (I’m a sap, sorry). Ugh, seriously, just listen to it!

(If you know of any similar songs or band in this style, let me know!)

Listen to it here!



OK, I’ve been crazy for Sia lately… I have been listening to several of her songs and I can’t truly pick a favorite of hers. But this is the most recent favorite. It just has such a deep message and a great melody/beat. You should listen to Bird Set Free, The Greatest, and Freeze You Out by Sia, too. Among others.

Listen to it here!



OK, just imagine walking through a forest or something with this song… Then something magical happens with the climax and the vocalizations of the song painting visions… (My sap is showing again, but I appreciate songs that make me appreciate nature and the magic around me.) I want to write a story based on an idea this song made pop into my brain. Beautiful! (Yes, it is in Japanese.)

Listen to it here!



I love how the artist sings this song and it definitely has a message. If you like rock/hard rock, you might really like this.

Listen to it here!


5. UROKO by Hata Motohiro

This is another Japanese one and it’s not necessarily a current obsession for me, but I listen to it frequently because it’s very nostalgic. This was basically mine and my fellow international students’ theme song while in Japan because a student from my school and a Japanese student over there would sing it every time we went out for karaoke (and they were good). (It’s a love song.)

Listen to it here!

(Unfortunately, no better quality ones due to copyright/licensing shtuff)


6. READ ALL ABOUT IT (PT. III) by Emeli Sande

This is just powerful. I like a lot of the lyrics and her voice is great.

Listen to it here!



OK, this one is Korean, but it’s got such a great sound! I’m also not big on rap, but it’s not 100% rap. These girls each have their own amazing voices.

Listen to it here!


8. HOPE OF MORNING by Icon for Hire

I really just like the sound of this and the lyrics.

Listen to it here!



Another Japanese song! But come one, you can’t help but dance to this! I discovered this as the ending theme to the anime called Kekkai Sensen and I love it! It’s just so fun. I haven’t finished the anime, yet, but I also recommend that.

Listen to it here!

(OK, this isn’t on YouTube either, due to copyright stuff, but I found it on SoundCloud. Let me know if the link doesn’t work.)


10. I WAS BORN FOR THIS by Austin Wintory

Actually, Wintory is the creator of the whole soundtrack, but I don’t know who sang the vocals in this song. And by soundtrack, I mean the soundtrack for the PS3/PS4 game Journey! (If you haven’t played it, oh my damn, please do – it’s gorgeous and short, but leaves an impact.) This is the final song in the game/on the soundtrack. I love listening to this when I want something soothing, relaxing.

Listen to it here!


I like other types of music and other artists, but these are recent loves. Do you listen to any of these styles or these artists? Let’s conversate!

Ta-ta for now, worms!


6 thoughts on “TTT // Top 10 Recent Song Obsessions (obsess with me!)”

  1. So not only do we have similar taste in books, we have similar taste in music because I just listened to most of these and loved them! I love that calm, beautiful type of music like the first one and some of the others you have here. Some of these are so much like what I listen to that I opened them in YouTube and then they just blended into the background of my mind as YouTube kept picking related songs, and I just had nice music to listen to lol. So yay new music!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What a coincidence! Yay for all-around great taste! The first song is actually why I was so excited to do a music related post. I could never lose my obsession with that song (*_*)
      I never thought about just letting YouTube play in the background to find new, awesome music… I’ll try it. Glad I could help with your music discovery!


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