The High King’s Golden Tongue (Tales of the High Court #1) // The Best Character Dynamics & I Wish I Had Those Language Skills!

25902535Author: Megan Derr

Published: November 4th 2015 by Less Than Three Press

Pages: 410

Genres: m/m romance // historical fiction


WOW. Small hiatus there. Never got this posted due to busy-ness and then I had some homework to catch up and a paper proposal to write and AGH. It doesn’t help when you’re not that interested in the material of research AND you don’t really want this degree anymore… *shrugs* I know I’ll get busy even more later, fair warning.

ANYWAY, this book was a light, yet fun, read! I love creative historical fiction settings. Like, not historically accurate or even historically existent, much like Captive Prince and such.

Recommended if you like:

  • great character dynamics
  • a slower burning love
  • historical settings
  • miscommunication
  • normal historical fiction plots (this is not a bad thing)



Prince Allen has trained his entire life to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious mother, who has made their kingdom one of the wealthiest and most influential in the empire. For the past few years he has trained to become the new consort of the High King. The only thing no one prepared him for was the stubborn, arrogant High King himself, who declares Allen useless and throws him out of court.

High King Sarrica is ruling an empire at war, and that war will grow exponentially worse if his carefully laid plans do not come to fruition. He’s overwhelmed and needs help, as much as he hates to admit it, but it must be someone like his late consort: a soldier, someone who understands war, who is not unfamiliar with or afraid of the harsher elements of rule. What he doesn’t need is the delicate, pretty little politician foisted on him right as everything goes wrong.



– The best part is the banter and dynamics of the characters. Especially between Lesto and Sarrica! It’s super entertaining and creates a fantastic bond. Hilarious at times. The sarcasm is real! All of the dynamics were great, though, so that it’s a fun kingdom setting instead of a super serious one.

– The miscommunication and assumptions in the beginning were entertaining, too. Entertaining in the sense of please, people, just TALK! Everyone’s jumping to conclusions and hiding their true selves! and I just wanted to smack everyone. The changing POV helped with this tremendously because we could see things characters couldn’t.

– There was definitely lack of relationship development in the first half, but it’s OK! I was worried for a while there because I need to feel chemistry when it comes to slow-burn romance (which this mostly is). It starts more at the midway point. It didn’t go too fast, but it could’ve been built up a little more in that first half. It was super sweet, though!

– As for the other aspects of the plot, it wasn’t intense, but it was fun. The first half was mainly built on the plot. It’s a simple plot of we need to figure out the mole and ways to stop an oncoming war. But there’s action, death, and torture, woo!

– I love Sarrica’s tough exterior (and it ain’t a facade), but his kind heart. You gotta work a little to get to it, but he’s a really good character. It’s a good feeling when he grows to care about you. He’s quite, QUITE a stubborn, one, though. (But I like the stubborn ones.) You can feel such love from him at times, though.

‘I’m about to implement a policy of throwing people out the window whenever they make my life harder instead of easier.’
‘With greatest respect,’ Lesto drawled, ‘Your Majesty would have to pitch himself out first.’

– Allen is much more mellow, but he’s intelligent and kind in his own ways. I liked all the characters, really. I wish I could be multi-lingual like Allen! He’s so used to hiding any true feelings behind a cold, political wall due to his upbringing, so it’s great when we see his true aspects. It’s great when the others do, too! Heh. He does seem a little vain a couple of times, but it’s nothing glaring and we still have to take into account his upbringing and those who raised him.

– Loved Lesto and Rene.

– The writing let me paint pictures in my mind and see little details without being overly descriptive. Really appreciate that.

– Maybe it could’ve been trimmed up a bit. Or something added. And exciting battle sequences were skipped over… It had a few small areas that felt a little slow.

– Also, typos. And errors. More than I was expecting.

And the fact that our hero isn’t the soldier type or some all-powerful mage! I really appreciated this! He works with political intrigue and language skills to work his way through. Very refreshing. (Had to add this after it was pointed out to me.)


I liked this and already plan to get to the second book! This one about Lesto and a pirate (I think)! Lesto deserves some love!

My rating:

my rating of 3.5/5




Ta-ta for now, worms (of books)!


Did you read this book? How about that character banter? (Careful of spoilers, though)

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