The Pirate of Fathoms Deep (Tales of the High Court #2) // New Perspective, New Love, and Pirates!

pirate-of-fathoms-deepAuthor: Megan Derr

Published: July 12th 2016 by Less Than Three Press, LLC

Pages: 206 | Read: Sept. 28th – Oct. 1st

Genres: m/m romance // historical fiction


Oh man, with school, folks, I have so much trouble retaining thoughts on books… I read in my free time a lot, if I’m not playing FFXIII-2, but I don’t always have time to then write up a review. Bummer! So bear with me as this may be a short one. But you see the title – the second book to the Tales of the High Court series!

Recommended if you like:

  • cute romance
  • a small overarching political scheme
  • Lesto!
  • pirates



High Commander Lesto Arseni is the most feared man in the Harken Empire. None but the High King dares risk his wrath—and a pirate who once punched him in the middle of the imperial pavilion. A pirate who later snuck away with Lesto to an empty room, touched him in ways far more memorable. And then immediately bolted like a man who’d gotten what he wanted.

Shemal just wants to live a normal life, leave his pirating days behind him and prove that he’s respectable now. The last thing he needs is the two idiots who show up wanting his help with the noble they’ve kidnapped—the very man Shemal had been hoping to prove himself to, the man he hasn’t forgotten since Shemal punched him a year and a half ago.



– Really cute. The romance between our Lesto and Shemal was cute and shy at first.

– However, I didn’t like how fast it moved. It is a rather short book, shorter than the first one. But I was hoping to feel more chemistry build up and whatnot… I mean, the relationship was ready to go in the first few chapters.

– Maybe the reason for a quicker romance was for more plot? Not sure on this one, but even the plot was lacking for me… I mean, got a couple kidnappings, some baddies, and an overarching scheme. But not enough substance for me.

– I loved when the characters from the previous book showed up. I missed them (I know it wasn’t that long ago) and they add such great qualities to the book. Especially when Shemal gets to meet them all. (I feel he was quite intimidated, at first, heh.)

– Still love all those personalities.

– And Derr still uses the perfect amount of description.

– Shemal was cute and gruff, but his exterior is different from his interior. He actually seems to have anxiety and he seems quite shy. I liked that contrast. He was a pirate, so you expect him to be a little different, but we learn more of his background to help as the story progresses.

– Still love Lesto. He’s just an awesome guy who, as the commander, earns such respect because he can be both a friend and a solid superior. He’s got sass and everyone knows him coming from the jangle of his armor. Just an all ’round good guy.

– Overall, these books so far have cute romances and fantastic (sometimes surprising) characters.

My rating:

my rating of 2.5/5




There’s going to be a 3rd book! This one’s couple will be between 2 characters very briefly introduced in the 1st and 2nd books (maybe just the 2nd? Can’t remember). I’m excited to learn more about them!

Ta-ta for now, worms!


Did you read this book? What’d you think of the characters and plot? (Careful of spoilers, though)

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~Review also posted on Goodreads~


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