Me & My Peculiarities

‘About Me’ sections are hard for me and I am socially awkward.

So first of all, my name (alias, really) is Aralyn. (I’m not sure how long this will stick; later I may decide to use my real name. One reason I have an alias is because I don’t like the idea of any family members somehow stumbling on this. They don’t know the whole me…)

I am on Twitter and Instagram, as well as Goodreads!

I am a book-devouring beast. I love books. Favorite pastime ever. I read YA novels, I’ve read a couple of adult romance novels (not common), gay novels (*WARNING there*); my preferred genres for any of these consist of fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, etc. I love action and romance (but I like angst and love to not take up the whole story). And then I like to ramble nonsense and flail as I share my pain/love of wonderful books I devour with friends and anyone who will listen, really.

::MY RATING SYSTEM IS OUT OF 5 DRAGON SCALES FOR THE REVIEWS. I WANTED TO TRY BEING CREATIVE (*whispers* let me know if it’s actually stupid)::

I like to ship male characters together a lot, even if it’s crazy-talk and would never happen. *ahem* guilty pleasure *ahem* I see two men sharing any sort of close camaraderie moment and I can’t help but whisper to myself, “love him”.

I adore fantasy-related things, such as dragons, faeries, mythological creatures, you name it. I try to look for the magic around me, even if it’s only in my head. My future home will be decorated as if the Victorian era and a fantasy realm vomited inside (at least, that’s my hope). This mixed with my addiction to books and their content & magic found within is my reason for the blog title. 


I like to try to keep these blurbs simple, so I hope that’s enough. Besides, below I have some of my best qualities! (that add so much more length to this page, truly sorry)


My peculiarities:

  1. I will subconsciously force myself to stop thinking about a book I read by the next day (after time for a review). My goal is to forget everything so I can enjoy reading it again in the future.
  2. In books, I am very uncomfortable with male/female (and f/f) sex. But I enjoy a steamy, lovely m/m story any day. A-OK with the whole m/m sex. There are some theories why people are like that, but if you really wanna know, we can discuss it later.
  3. I am extremely nit-picky when buying books and other merchandise. I will compare several of them to see which one is in the best shape (to the chagrin of whomever is with me…)
  4. I LOVE finding books that make me cry! Probably because I rarely cry for books, movies, etc. I like to know I still have emotions (not really, I’m sane; don’t worry). I have a bias for beautiful tragedies. And non-cliché. But it means that the author was able to connect me to characters and the story, which is very important to me!
  5. I will be ‘currently reading’ a bunch of books at once. Like, it usually only gets to a max of around 7 books. I think I do this because I need variety, I need to be able to switch between worlds. I don’t really know why it’s a need. I can’t explain it, but it’s not that the stories get monotonous or anything; I don’t get bored. But if an intense part comes and I can’t stop, then I can’t stop!
  6. I’m nervous to buy books sometimes. I am naturally a stingy person with money and have made some decisions previously that made me more so… Thus, I don’t often buy books that just sound good. What if I end up really not enjoying them? If I start a series and love the 1st book, I then may go buy the set.
  7. I love the sound of gravel and leaves crunching underfoot. I will choose to walk on them if I can on the way to my destination.
  8. I rarely set expectations. For anything. Tests, grades, plans, anything. I’ve always been this way and it really helps with stress. I think it’s because I don’t like the feeling of disappointment. But disappointment is only there if you have high expectations.
  9. I have a strange, extreme paranoia about my health. I do NOT mean hypochondria. This is more like I freak out about taking preventative measures about keeping things from happening to me (or just worry about it until I see a doctor). For instance, my friend showed me what a normal neck looks like in an x-ray vs. hers from always looking down at electronics and whatnot. And now I am anxious about my neck getting that way, thus I become highly conscious of how I use my neck. I can’t describe the depth of paranoia here.



7 thoughts on “Me & My Peculiarities”

  1. Hello Aralyn! Thanks for sharing me the link to your blog! And it’s nice meeting you. 🙂 You’re blog is cool and I love it. About your peculiarities, I must say that we’re on the same boat on nos. 4 and 5. Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! It’s nice meeting you, too! And thank you so much!

      Ah, good that I’m not alone! Recently, I fear I may be heading into a small reading slump… Only 3 books at the moment! ((O_O)) Though, school is coming up SO SOON.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. School is really scary and so dang exhausting 😦 My life at uni already started. Good luck to you! And try asking people what book do they think may help you get out of that slump. Maybe it’ll help


  2. Hello Aralyn! I’m Jade, and like you that’s just a pseudonym, for the same reason, I’d like my Real Life people not to collide too much with my Jade life. I think it’s pretty common for us to have secret personas. Like the secret identities of our superhero alter-egos? ;D No? Okay.

    Anyway, just wanted to welcome you to the blogging-verse. I somehow stumbled on your blog from another book blog I follow, and it seems you’re fairly new here. Keep it up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Jade! I’m glad I’m not alone there! You’re right, it is common; I just put on my blogging glasses and become Aralyn! Of course, even though my name is fake, I will stay true to my personality on here 😉
      Thank you for the warm welcome, I really appreciate it ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

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