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TOPIC // What makes you DNF books? (Did Not Finish)

I’ve been curious about this. 

It’s very rarely that I actually DNF a book. Like, I’ve DNF-ed 2 books in the past that were in the middle of a series, but only recently DNF-ed 2 more – one being a standalone, the other a starter to a series. But I know some people really know to a T what they like and DNF way more often. Either way is totally fine!

I wonder, though, what makes you DNF, then?

I think I’ll just list off possible reasons, of course adding when it’s a reason for me, and see what y’all think. I think it’s really hard to get me to DNF a book, so let’s see how many I get, hah. Continue reading TOPIC // What makes you DNF books? (Did Not Finish)


Goodreads Reading Challenge Update

I am most definitely a member of Goodreads, since only recently, and I am upset with myself for never joining earlier! That place is super helpful with keeping track of the books you read and want to read, discovering new books to read, and how you feel about all those books. And the community! I’m still new, so I haven’t really met many people, but from what I can see, you can find a ton of people who have similar interests (especially in books) and opinions (especially about books). Just…Aralyn…come on. Shame on you, for waiting so long.

Another nifty part of that place is the annual reading challenge! Never knew it existed until I was looking at book blogs last month. So now I am working on my goal of 80 books this year! It started as 150…then I realized I had a late start, probably couldn’t manage that, especially with senior year of college starting this August… So I brought it down to 100! And then I still thought about college and how it’ll be different this time because hello, capstone…now it’s 80. Let’s see if I can manage that. Thus, we are now to the reason for this post: since I started book blogging late this year, there are some books I’ve read that I haven’t discussed and probably won’t discuss all of them on here. So I wanted to bring an update of my progress as of today, and share the books I loved and the ones that were a little disappointing… Continue reading Goodreads Reading Challenge Update