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September 2016 RECAP // Books and the OVERWHELMING WORK OF A CAPSTONE

I forgot this month was ending until I got on here today and saw wrap-up posts… So lost in figuring school stuff out, I forgot to write a recap post!

tired of school gif

But September has ended, folks!

My book escapades were in spurts. I had time to read and I didn’t, I made time to read and I couldn’t… Also, I think they were all M/M novels?? Wait, no, there was a young adult one. Y’all will see below. (I think it’s the convenience of my M/M ones being portable ebooks, which is not so for my YA…)

I read 9 books this month! (Again.) Looks like just one more book away from completing my reading challenge, too! Continue reading September 2016 RECAP // Books and the OVERWHELMING WORK OF A CAPSTONE


August 2016 RECAP // SCHOOL STARTED and free reading time decreases…

Time is just flyin’! August is already finished, too!

Since school started, I lost time to read freely what I want…lots of school reading…

BUT I ALSO HIT A SLUMP. A small one and I’m hoping to get out of it soon. I had planned some books for August, but nope. Seemed to have only affected young adult books… Like, I still read a few m/m novels, but I was still picky even with those. I think it’s partially because I had so much time to read over the summer.

sad jon snow

I still read 9 books again, though! (6 being M/M)

Maybe it seems like less because I made less reviews this month, too… Lots of relaxing reads. Who knows if a couple of these will turn into full reviews *shrugs*

And I’m still determined to complete my reading challenge!

But yeah, let’s recap this last summer month. Continue reading August 2016 RECAP // SCHOOL STARTED and free reading time decreases…

July 2016 RECAP // Books and Not Really any Life Updates…

Hey, another month finished! *confetti*

I’ve been having headaches and possibly sinus issues(?) that make it difficult to read. This has actually been going on for several months, but I’ve been pushing through for books! Don’t worry, I’m meeting my doctor.

But anyway, I made it through 9 (almost 10) books this July! *more confetti* Seems to be the same for every month… May and June had 9 books listed, too! (Excluding short, short ones I read.) And that also means 61/80 books for the Goodreads challenge!

There’s not much in the way of life – just enjoying my last month before school starts and I have to worry about packing up and moving. Still trying to find a car, too. I’m so nervous about this semester, though, because I’m doing a CAPSTONE. If you don’t know what that it, it’s death pretending to be a class. I’ve heard it’s 3x harder and 3x more work than normal. And I’m not ready. Then, I also had my big family reunion this weekend!


i have failed you
I’m not even a Star Wars fan.

I…have been neglectful. More like unprepared. Due to living in my parent’s house until school starts and not wanting them to really know I take pictures of books (they’ll ask too many questions) AND having no props – I suck. I have infrequent posts. Sorry to those who might follow me. When I move and get better props, I’ll have more photos up! Continue reading July 2016 RECAP // Books and Not Really any Life Updates…

June 2016 RECAP // A couple events and book progress!

Another month of reading! And I read some fantastic books 🙂

Life is not going to be especially productive for me until school starts up again… But a couple things happened. I got my campus housing contract the other day, but I realize how expensive it is to live on campus… I mean, it’s not bad, but over $700 with roommates…? I could get a better single place for that, I’m sure. So I’m looking into other places off campus, but I also really need a car to do that… But a friend also says I can stay with her and her hubby until my own place so I can focus on a car first. Ugh, life.

depressed cat gif
Life, sometimes.

The big, best event, though, was my mum’s wedding! Continue reading June 2016 RECAP // A couple events and book progress!

MAY 2016 RECAP // Life and Books

Well, look at these blocks of text. *sighs*

It is the end of the month. And my first wrap-up for said month! I thought I’d use these posts to give any life updates throughout the month along with a summary of my bookish escapades. Until school starts back up again, though, my life isn’t all that exciting…it’s been made of books, mostly…

It’s barely been a month since I started this blog. So far, I’m enjoying this! It’s been helping me in some unseen ways from my readers’ position. For some reason, ever since I took my study abroad trip to Japan last year, some barrier or something crumbled and I slipped into a slump that I can’t figure out how to get out of. I’m pretty sure it’s an accumulation of a bunch of things that happened in Japan as well as me figuring myself and my life out.

However, deciding to start book blogging and trying to reach out to like-minded people has caused some unseen force to start slowly pushing me out of it. I just feel more motivation building, getting me out of the house more and such. So we’ll see what happens! Continue reading MAY 2016 RECAP // Life and Books