Review Index

I have a few different ways you can look at the reviews I have done, so far:

You can search Reviews by Title, which has the full up-to-date list of books, no matter their genre, in one place.

Or you can search Reviews by Genre, in case you want to avoid certain ones.

  • I don’t mean genres such as fantasy, supernatural, etc. I mean the big umbrella ones, like YA Novels, Gay Novels, etc. It’d be way too hard to categorize even more, especially with books having multiple sub-genres…don’t put me through that! Of course, I usually stick with the fantasy/supernatural/paranormal types, anyway, so I’ll label ones that are outside the norm.

Another option is Reviews by Author! This is especially helpful with series. This doesn’t state explicit genres, but it is split into to halves for YA/Adult Fiction authors and M/M authors.

And, depending on how this goes, I may add a ‘by rating’ index, too.

I hope this helps!


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