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Here is another review index page because I know some people might like looking for specific authors instead of trying to browse through alphabetical lists on the other 2 pages! This is especially helpful as I accumulate more books by same authors that should be kept grouped together, especially series.

This list is in alphabetical order by the authors’ names, last names first much like any bookstore you waltz into. The books, however, will be in whatever order, BUT any series will have the books in order. I also have 2 halves to the page, one being for YA and Adult Fiction authors, the other being dedicated to M/M novel authors. Other than that, no genres will be listed. Here ya go!


Young Adult/Adult Fiction Authors

Albertalli, Becky

Bardugo, Leigh

Bishop, Anne

Black, Holly

Brown, Pierce

Ee, Susan

Green, Sally

Miller, Madeline

Moore, Perry

Moyes, Jojo

Rowell, Rainbow

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire

Schwab, V.E./Victoria

Stiefvater, Maggie

Tahir, Sabaa


M/M Authors

Albert, Annabeth

Alexander, Dani

Derr, Megan

Erickson, Megan

Fielding, Kim

Harper, Kaje

Hassell, Santino

Klune, Tj

Lane, Amy

Pacat, C.S.

Roux, Abigail

 Wilder, Adrienne


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