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Morning Star (Red Rising #3) // A War-Torn Climax…in Space!

morning starAuthor: Pierce Brown

Published: February 9th 2016 by Del Rey

Pages: 524

Genres: young adult // dystopian // science fiction



A bloodydamn excellent finale.

Damn, that was exciting. And heart-stuttering at times. This really was a fantastic ending to the series.

Now, I realized that I am extremely stingy with giving out 5 scale ratings… I’m trying to loosen up a little bit. I think it’s pressure to have the rating perfectly represent all my thoughts on the books and…that will just never happen. This book has small flaws, but I would really only knock it down by half a scale if I was being technical. SO! Since I also just seriously enjoyed it, I’ll mention any dislikes/flaws, but I’m giving it *drum roll* 5 scales! We’ll see how this loosening up goes, heh. And trying a slightly different review format so I don’t throw word blocks at you.

Red Rising: ascension

Golden Son: politics

Morning Star: war

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Golden Son (Red Rising #2) // Action-Packed Gut Puncher in Space!

golden son by pierce brownAuthor: Pierce Brown

Published: January 6th, 2016 by Del Rey

Pages: 430

Genres: young adult // science-fiction > dystopian // slight romance

Holy shit, that was awesome. Awesome in the politics & war & Darrow being a badass department. Not as heavily in the character development department. Darrow is thrown into the deep waters of civil war and political battles, betrayals and death in this second installment. He is such an intelligent, adaptive person. You can’t see plots until they are happening in front of you, even Darrow’s. I’ve been hearing amazing things about the next book and its ending, so I can’t wait to get there after the ending to this one! Ugh, that ending. WHAT A CLIFFHANGER. My poor Darrow just needs a break! Continue reading Golden Son (Red Rising #2) // Action-Packed Gut Puncher in Space!

Red Rising (Red Rising #1) // Color-Coded Humans in Space!

red rising coverAuthor: Pierce Brown

Published: January 28th, 2014 by Del Rey (Random House)

Pages: 382

Genres: young adult // science fiction > dystopian

This is a story of deceit, love, loss, oppression. Some events occur in an order unexpected. It is action-filled and contains some intense characters. I thoroughly enjoy dystopian books (when done well). I love to see what ideas authors bring in, creating whole new societies and worlds for us humans. When I read the blurb for RR, it sounded like a book I could like immensely. I wasn’t wrong! I can’t wait to really start on the next one, Golden Son. I loved the action and characters grew on me. The society is color-coded! A hugely popular organizational quirk made human and I thought that was quite a fun concept! I’m a little late to the RR party, but better than never!

Recommended if you like:

  • color-coding because this time it’s done to humans 😉
  • sci-fi action in space mainly on Mars in this one
  • an awesome male lead character with great development and growth
  • fantastic side characters
  • a unique dystopian society
  • death & blood
  • and a dash of political intrigue

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Penryn & The End of Days // Review of this Brutal World of Angels and Death

(This is a review I tried doing a while back on a previous blog that is now non-existent. I’m working on getting better!)

Author: Susan Ee

Publisher: Skyscape

Genre: young adult // supernatural > angels // dystopia

Angelfall synopsis for your curious minds. The next book’s are World After and End of Days.

I picked this up one day from my library because it sounded different from previous angel stories I’ve experienced, so I gave it a shot. I actually quite enjoyed it. Though, I can be a bit biased because I love unexpected brutality. If you read it, you’ll see what I mean. I like when authors throw readers for a loop and don’t hold back. So here are my thoughts on this series: Continue reading Penryn & The End of Days // Review of this Brutal World of Angels and Death