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The Captive Prince Trilogy // Mind Games + Warriors + Beautiful Romance = YES

Author: C. S. Pacat

Publisher: Berkley

Genres: gay fiction // historical fiction

Captive Prince synopsis for your curious mind. The next books are Prince’s Gambit and Kings Rising.

*contains sexual content and slavery (but still kept classy)*


This series. It is now one of my favorite m/m series I’ve read. Laurent & Damen are one of my absolute favorite couples. Seriously. This was Pacat’s first series and she did a stunning job. I read this pretty damn fast. I started it somewhere in April and finished it all within a week. And once again, this review might seem kind of vague, but I was trying to point out my thoughts for the whole series, not just a single book. Forgive me if it feels this way. Anyway!

I highly recommend it for m/m fans that like: