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Oh, hey there… Update!

Wow. Hey. Hi. I’m still alive. Uh, this is awkward. I figured I’d share a few things and let you know what’s up, though. Better late than never, huh?

Things have changed in my life. I graduated from college in May. I just started a new job that has me working an 8AM-5PM shift every weekday. I moved into my own apartment. I’m prepping for the inevitable month of November when my student loan repayments begin. The past few weeks of my life have been…stressful to say the least. And anxiety-ridden. I cried a few times…*shrugs*

I mean, I moved ($$$), had to buy a bed to sleep in said apartment ($$$), I had to recently get stuff done on my car ($$$), I’ve had a lot of doctor appointments to finally get some progress on my health issues (timetimetime), got in trouble at work for all of said appointments (I think it was just a heavy warning and hopefully they won’t actually let me go…?), had one bad day in particular in there, also had a big scare about rent and had to ask my family for assistance (won’t go into to detail, but $$$). And tears flowed at certain points. Um, yeah.

But ANYWAY! I’ve been a little lost since…well, basically since my last post on here before this. Thus, I haven’t been reading too much and when I get in the groove, I just never feel like writing posts about them… I mean, even with life in general, I’ve been a little lost. Let’s not get into wondering what the hell I want to do or be in my life. Talk about ugh.

So currently, I have no idea where this blog is going. If it continues to go. I will probably still want to share some about what I read (but just look at my GR Reading Challenge – we’re in the 8th month and I’m behind schedule by 41 books for my goal of 100 this year! *wallows*). But maybe I’ll add some other stuff, if I feel like it? A friend of mine recently started a blog analyzing horror movies. Like, is there something I’d like to talk about more, maybe? Still soul-searching here.

I just lack so much motivation. I only recently got into a better mental state, but the recent stress is kinda ruining that. I need to try again once I am stable again. Anyway, I struggle getting myself to start things I may want to try. Like drawing. Also I have that hand aching issue, so there’s that…kinda limiting for drawing AND NO ONE WILL REALLY HELP ME TARGET IT AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO FIX IT?? Hopefully just strengthening muscles in that area will help. Maybe I want to try YouTube, but I’m a boring person, so what the hell would I even do? I want a paid job position were they just throw me into different careers temporarily to find something I actually enjoy. Sorry, small tangent there.

Anyway, that’s what’s up. Maybe I’ll share more about myself and my views in the future, too. I’ll work to figure it out. In the mean time, here is this post.

Ta-ta for now!


FALL SEMESTER DONE – 1 more to go.


And now, I should only have ONE MORE SEMESTER of my entire college career left. I am dreading one course in the spring, and that would be my capstone for Japanese. I’m dreading it for a couple of reasons:

1. …since returning from studying in Japan in February 2016, I have not been studying the language AT ALL. I slacked big time and need to translate a chapter or two from a Japanese book for the capstone…oops.

2. the head of the Individualized Major Program that the Japanese Studies degree is part of is RUDE, HARSH, AND UNORGANIZED. I’ve only heard bad things about her from the people who have already taken the capstone. Some are even getting flak BEFORE they take the capstone. She was overheard calling the Japanese IMP students lazy…rudely talked about another Japanese IMP student to ANOTHER JAPANESE IMP STUDENT, and she’s just entirely unhelpful and unorganized. I will complain. But she also has tenure. Fuck. Wish me luck!

The other classes should be enjoyable, though.

Thus, just give me a little more time to get back to reading and reviewing – hopefully I can have something within a week. At the moment, I’m trying to still find a car and figure when I can leave for winter break. Which I’ll also have to pack for.

I’m gonna see if I can retain thoughts and feelings for a couple of books I read as stress relief, maybe write reviews.


In other news, I’m still watching Yuri!!! On Ice and let me tell you…I haven’t been this giddy to watch a new episode for an anime in a long time until now (*_*)

It’s beautiful and soon after the final episode I will probably make a post for it because it was also a game changer in the anime industry. I recommend it!


Christmas is coming up and I think I’m going to graciously receive Final Fantasy XV as one gift *swoons*

I’m still playing FFXIII-2 and I also have Dragon Age: Origins lined up. Other games I want won’t release until next year.

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and the season! (It’s freezing here.)

Ta-ta for now!

It’s Been 25 Days Since My Last Post…I Hate Hiatuses…

* sighs heavily* Hi, folks.

I’m not back quite yet, in case you were wondering. Just checking in. I really hate being on hiatus, but I need to get this semester finished before I can really get back to reading and blogging.

If you follow my Goodreads, you’ll see I just started reading a book last night (Kick at the Darkness by Keira Andrews), but this doesn’t mean I actually have time for dedicated reading! (I may actually finish this book soon…procrastination is hard to stop once begun…)

I may review this book, I may not. We’ll see how much I can remember by the end of the semester. I’d like to! But I really wanted a reward for getting my capstone 12-20 page paper done and turned in yesterday…so book.

My ultimate plan is to get back to reading Clockwork Angel, so I can dedicate myself and give a review! I seriously can’t wait to truly get into that series.

On other notes:

1. I still have another 10 page paper to write this week (due the 6th – yikes!)

2. I gotta finish up my Spanish homework (final week!) in preparation for the actual final

3. Still have other capstone things to worry about in the next 2 weeks…

4. My ballroom final is on the 15th…

5. Does anyone play Valkyrie Connect on their smart phones?????? I’m addicted and got my friends addicted…

Anyway, short check-in finished.

Ta-ta for now, worms!

I’m here!! – A Note

Hey, all.

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been inactive. The second half of the semester is the worst time… I should’ve put my hiatus warning much later than I did because back then, I still had some time!

However, now is when I won’t be active, really, until I get this big school stuff out of the way. I’ve been sad to not even have enough free time to read a book that I can actually review. Continue reading I’m here!! – A Note

September 2016 RECAP // Books and the OVERWHELMING WORK OF A CAPSTONE

I forgot this month was ending until I got on here today and saw wrap-up posts… So lost in figuring school stuff out, I forgot to write a recap post!

tired of school gif

But September has ended, folks!

My book escapades were in spurts. I had time to read and I didn’t, I made time to read and I couldn’t… Also, I think they were all M/M novels?? Wait, no, there was a young adult one. Y’all will see below. (I think it’s the convenience of my M/M ones being portable ebooks, which is not so for my YA…)

I read 9 books this month! (Again.) Looks like just one more book away from completing my reading challenge, too! Continue reading September 2016 RECAP // Books and the OVERWHELMING WORK OF A CAPSTONE

BOOK (BLOG) BREAK // Books I have to read this semester……

Because of my reading slump and school, I don’t have any blog posts lined up. I plan to fix this within the week.

But I wanted something between my last review and my August recap. And I thought…well, I have to read books for school… How about I share those with you?? And maybe some thoughts about them. A lot of them might be interesting, but the struggle of reading impersonal, academic material is real…


tired of school gif Continue reading BOOK (BLOG) BREAK // Books I have to read this semester……

A Quick Note Involving the Near Future

School is coming.

Creeping ever closer to swallow me whole.

First day is August 22nd. *screams internally*

I was gonna do a Top Ten Tuesday today, but gave up. Too many topics and then I realized I can’t even make it to 10 with the one I chose. Boo. So this post was originally going to be at a later date, but now it’ll take the TTT’s place.

It’s just a warning.

The warning is that since school is starting, there may be a decrease in posts. I need to get settled, find my groove, come up with post ideas because I won’t have as much free time to read as this past summer. Part of the reason is due to this being my final college year, which means capstone courses. I’m not sure how time consuming it’ll be. Capstones are, like, 2x more difficult/time-consuming than normal courses, from what I hear. So I’m a bit nervous.

I’ve had a bit of a rough patch, possibly I have a little depression, so I’m way more nervous about starting school again than previous years because I don’t want it to cause any detriment to schooling, itself. So that adds to anxiety that could get in the way of posting.

I will have funner courses around the capstone this semester that I hope will bring me back more from the depression, as well as relieve any stress from the capstone. Next semester’s capstone shouldn’t be as consuming. 

  • A small 1 credit astronomy course to fulfill the last science slot
  • Intro to Spanish online
  • Intro to creative writing (I’d like to write stories)
  • Intro to folklore
  • Ballroom dancing!

So that’s all I wanted to let you know.

Thanks for reading! Ta-ta for now, worms!