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BOOK BREAK // Upcoming Video Games I’m DYING to Play!

I am a gamer. Not competitively, not those shooter games. I go for games with plot, awesome characters, and fun game-play.

My favorite game of ever (at least for now) isĀ Okami. Highly recommended if you like Japanese style art, want to play a goddess in the form of a wolf, like to draw, and enjoy a good, humorous story. Let’s see if I can find a game to take over that favorite position.

These aren’t in any specific order. Just in the order they popped into my head. I play Playstation games, by the way. I don’t own an Xbox. I do own a Wii and I’m hoping to trade it in for partial payment toward a WiiU because LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD. That’s listed below.

And I highly doubt I’ll be able to play, let alone afford, these right after release. But I still can’t wait ’til I can!

I’m gonna get this outta the way first:

Fuckin’ FFVII remake!!!!!!! (PS4) Continue reading BOOK BREAK // Upcoming Video Games I’m DYING to Play!